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The North West Data Science Collective

NWDSC provides a quality education to prepare students for the future of the industry



Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning


About Us

Educating young people on the wonders of data science.

We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization aimed at promoting data science principles and programming among the youth in order to better prepare them for an increasingly data-driven world. Our Nonprofit makes this possible by offering detailed courses on various data science related topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-world statistical applications. We strive to make an education in coding accessible to low-income, minority students by making these courses virtual and free of cost.


What We Offer

We offer introductory courses regarding programming and data science. Our courses last 8 weeks with 1-2 hour sessions each week. The topics and outlines for our courses are included in our newsletter, so sign up to receive frequent updates! 

Interest-based Learning

Our variety of topics cater to different interests within the same field.

Hands-on Learning

Our courses allow for the freedom of students to test their own work and problem-solve on their own accord.

Learning Together

Learn in a collaborative environment with others, working to come to a similar goal. Join our Discord Server!

Applying Skills

Our capstone projects allow students to reap the benefits of their own work.



Our virtual meetings

Our club @ Westview High School

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Our flyer @ Westview High School


Python Programming Lessons:

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AI Lessons: